The knee pain in this picture is clearly being caused by the torque placed upon the knee due to the misaligned upper and lower leg bones.

However, the knee pain isn’t actually a knee problem. It’s a pelvis problem.

The position of the upper leg, the femur, is directed internally by the position of the pelvis above it that is stuck in the left AIC pattern.

The Left AIC pattern describes an asymmetrical position of the pelvis where the left side of the pelvis rotates forward and orients the entire pelvis to the right.

Due to this anterior rotation and rightward orientation of the pelvis, the left leg is positioned internally.

In order to keep the left foot straight, as a compensation for the internally positioned left femur, the lower leg rotates in the opposite direction.

So we have a situation where the femur is positioned internally and the tibia compensates by rotating externally.

This is the source of so much stubborn knee pain.

Importantly, you can’t treat the knee pain. You can only treat the position of the femur and tibia that is causing the pain.

What most typical rehab protocols miss is that it is the position of the pelvis that must be addressed, otherwise the source of the pain remains.

The Postural Restoration pelvic repositioning techniques move the pelvis into a symmetrical position and then train proper movement and strength of the left pelvic-femoral area. In this way, the stress off the knee is removed and the pain resolves.

All the treatment in the world won’t change a thing for knee pain unless the position of the pelvis is addressed first.