Online Coaching

What I provide is an educational experience, rather than just a training program. My desire is to completely change your consciousness. Hopefully my YouTube videos have already started that process for you.


Training sessions (3.5 hours all together) over the course of about 8-12 weeks, for $495.  The 3.5 hours include:

  • The initial 60-minute consultation, plus a 30-minute follow-up where I watch you perform the first set of techniques.
  • Four additional 30-minute sessions which include discussion and coaching of more advanced techniques.
  • Videos with detailed explanations of some of the more difficult aspects of the techniques.
  • Educational material designed to help you understand human movement, stabilization, breathing, and pain. 
  • Sessions must be used within 4 months.

Single consultations are $165. For some people I recommend starting with a single session, to get a better idea of whether I can truly help. 

Why do I do this?

Because some people have very extensive medical histories/traumas/physical limitations that need to be evaluated by a live therapist. I use the questionnaire and tests to screen for this type of situation. Other difficult scenarios include people with significant visual and dental issues. 

The complexity of these issues makes dealing with them online virtually impossible. What I have been able to do in cases like this is let people understand what is going on and guide them in the correct direction in regards to finding the help they need. 

If we decide to proceed with the 3.5 hours, the $165 can go towards that package. 

The Process

If you are in the United States, payment can be made via Venmo or Zelle. 

This is the process Pre-Session.

I send you:

  • A questionnaire that you fill out with as much information as possible and then send back to me via e-mail.
  • Some basic range of motion tests via Google Drive. The tests work better when you have someone to help you with them. It’s hard to accurately self-test without “cheating”. You film the tests and send them to me via WhatsApp, Instagram, or share through Google Drive. These tests are very important and serve as a baseline for comparison. If the tests change, we know that you have broken a PRI defined pattern to one degree or another.

Online Session 1: We talk about your issues, how PRI and behavior modification will seek to address your issues and I’ll ask you to do a few more tests during the session. From the questionnaire, test results, and the actual Zoom session, I should get a good idea as to what the nature of the problem is and will send you techniques (special exercises) to perform along with any supporting information I think you may need.

The thirty-minute follow-up should occur about a week later.

The next 2 hours of coaching, usually split up into four (4) thirty minute sessions:  I coach you through techniques and progress you further in the programming. I’ll answer any questions that come up and provide any needed guidance to the best of my abilities.

Generally, most people start to feel significant differences during this period as the techniques, behavior/lifestyle modifications, and body awareness begins to add up.

Get Started Today!

If you don’t get a response from me within three days, please seek help from another Postural Restoration Institute trained therapist. You can find them on the Postural Restoration Institute website.


IMPORTANT: Due to the circumstances of life, I can not answer every email I receive. Additionally, I can not answer personal questions or give any guidance if I don’t work directly with you through coaching. If you are unsure of whether you want to seek coaching, I recommend watching as many of my YouTube videos as possible. Those videos contain everything I know.

My whole life I have been active, playing soccer or doing other sports almost every day. But in my late teenage years, I suddenly felt a lot of pain in my groin and in my ankle. 
This escalated during my 20s, and the last five or six years (I am 33 years old now) I haven’t been able to run or play soccer without a lot of pain. Sometimes it got so bad that I couldn’t run at all. 
I have been to numerous of physios/experts, doing a lot of prehab and even had two surgeries in my ankles, but it wasn’t until I started doing PRI-exercises that I got with Neal that I felt it took the «core» of my problems. 
Now I can finally run and play soccer for multiple days a week, pain free. 
Steffen, Norway.
When I contacted Neal I had already been searching for answers about my chronic pain and movement dysfunction for years with little success. Neal was able to assess and help me address these issues through online consultations. When Neal talks about vision and its role in stability you should listen, it has been crucial to the progress I have made so far. Thank you Neal.”

James, Canada

Hi Neal,

I wanted to take time to say thank you so much for your website and YouTube videos. I feel fortunate to have found you (yay for you being on the first page of Google!) I have had some chronic hip pain (lateral pelvic tilt) for years that comes and goes, but I didn’t think much of it. However, during the past couple of years, it got worse and I felt so discouraged, depressed, and crushed, thinking that I’d have this pain with me for the rest of my life. I thought it’s just something you have to deal with as you get older and have to put a lot of money aside to keep getting your body constantly fixed.

Because of you and your exercises, my pain is literally gone. I can walk now and not have to try to hide my slight limp that would come from a jabbing sharp pain in my right psoas area. I couldn’t believe how simple the fix was. I can’t thank you enough and I know your content has helped others and will continue to do so in the future. I wish more people discovered you and more experts knew about PRI!
I am deeply grateful,
Hey Neal!  Everything has been going really well.  Since our first meeting, I feel a massive change in my body and even my outlook.  During this quarantine period, I have been doing tons of gardening work out in the yard, heavy work like tilling, chopping, hauling bricks around for landscaping.  I think I’m out there 6+ hours of the day since about Easter.  Prior to our sessions, I would tire out just walking up the stairs or even just sitting around.  I feel like I’ve been dormant for the last ten years and all of a sudden I have a burst of unlimited energy.  As long as I readjust/reground to the left each morning I seem to be doing well, even with all the heavy work.  This is including right dominant activities like using a hatchet, shovel, pickaxe, hoe/plow basically every day or so.  I don’t think I would have been able to do any of this without the PRI concepts.  I reverted somewhat to the core basic PRI exercises, figuring I would move back to the more advanced ones once I completed most of the heavy work outside, but the basic couple keep me well maintained daily.  Its hard to express how much my life has changed for the positive since then.  Thank you Neal.

Glenn from Laredo, Texas.

Coaching Clients Through Techniques