As humans, we have the belief that what we see with our eyes is reality. Upon examination, however, it turns out that what we “see” is actually our mind’s re-creation of the external world, an external world that remains outside our ability to experience it directly.

The world we inhabit happens to be a highly personal world. It’s a world created by our mind as it attempts to give meaning to the vast amounts of sensory information flowing into our brain at one time. In a word, it’s completely “subjective”.

This subjective experience becomes the basis for our memories that we cling to as truth. One of the great misunderstandings of humanity is that we mistake subjective realities for absolute truth. This occurs on both individual and societal levels.

Questions to consider:

  • What implications does non-recognition of subjective experience have on our lives?
  • What does it mean that our memories are based on subjective experiences?
  • What does it mean for personal happiness, business, and relationships?
  • Can you now find it easier to “let go” of memories that hold you back?

As Imannuel Kant stated, experience tells us “what is”, but not that it must be necessarily, and not otherwise.
Or, as the Buddha stated 2,000 years earlier: everything starts with the mind.

That’s what I explore in my first podcast episode.