Below is a starter template for the typical Left AIC/Right BC patterned individual. The exercises can be done twice a day.

The most important part is the breathing. It is the foundation of everything we do as humans.

Each exercise can be done for 3 or 4 sets of 5 breaths. This is no different than doing sets of 5 repetitions.

Breathing: inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, focusing on getting all your air out.

!!!!!!!Pause at least three seconds before your next inhalation!!!!!!! (unless you have major breathing problems). 

If you aren’t feeling the correct muscle, stop and watch the video again. Usually it’s a position issue. In other words, you didn’t set your body in the correct position.

Important: PRI exercises/treatment is based off of PRI tests. Without being able to test you and find out your health history, I have no idea whether these are the perfect exercises for you. These are good starter techniques/exercises for people who are simply stuck in the left AIC right BC pattern. Please realize, these techniques are not easy to do! Every detail must be perfect.

There are many, many possible influences that can prevent these exercises from working. In particular dental, vision, and foot issues or by just doing them incorrectly.

What I see most often is lack of appropriate footwear. They should be done is supportive sneakers, not barefoot or in minimalist footwear. Once you can feel the appropriate muscles, feel free to experiment with different shoes or barefoot.

PRI exercises/techniques are NOT performed like traditional exercise. Do not try to speed or “power through” the exercise. These techniques allow you to experience your body and muscles in unfamiliar, neuro-muscularly weak positions. We are trying to de-tense your body, not create more tension. Slow and relaxed is the name of the game.

Patience, effort, attention to detail, awareness, experimentation, and a willingness to learn are the traits that I have found in people who have the most success in resolving their issues. PRI and life are not different. 

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The supine 90-90 with hip shift.  Restores proper position of the left pelvis and begins to strengthen the pelvis via the left hamstring and left adductor.

Put a small ball between your knees and gently squeeze with your left knee (not shown in video).

Left foot must remain FLAT on the wall. Sense your left heel (sensing the left heel helps recruit the hamstring more easily)

I recommend you watch the “Top 4” mistakes video. These exercises may not seem hard, but in fact they are very technical and are actually very easy to do incorrectly.

Right Sidelying Respiratory Scissor Slides.

Positions the left upper leg bone securely inside the hip joint via the left inner thigh muscle (left adductor).

Also begins the left hip/left ZOA strengthening process by teaching you how to shift into left AF/IR appropriately.

The exercise is actually displayed at the end of the video. I highly recommend you watch the entire video as it explains why this exercise is so important. Doing exercises without any purpose attached to them is pointless.

Postural Restoration re-trains your brain to re-establish proper neuro-muscular patterning, something you’ve lost through years of improper patterning. Re-patterning can only occur through conscious learning.

Left Sidelying Right Glute Max. This exercise serves to strengthen the pelvis via the right glute max in conjunction with the left ab wall (via exhalation).


  1. Make sure your feet stay FLAT against the wall, stacked on top of each other.
  2. Sense the arch of your right foot while lifting the right leg.
  3. Make sure your left shoulder is directly underneath your right shoulder.
  4. Place a small rolled up towel underneath your left side (between your left hip and left ribcage) to help with correct positioning. Feel your bottom (left) hip pressing down into the floor.

I highly recommend you watch all the videos as this exercise is very difficult to do correctly.

This exercise is difficult to do properly. Please watch both videos before attempting it! Make sure a rolled-up towel is beneath your left knee.

It is used to promote left pelvis posterior tilt, left posterior ribcage expansion, left ZOA strengthening, and left scapular strengthening.

If position can’t be maintained while lifting the right arm up, keep it on the ground but try to maintain most of your body weight on your left hand.


As with all exercise programs, when using exercise videos, you need to use common sense.  To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program.  By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of my videos or any information shared on my website.  This includes emails, videos and text. 

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