Examining someone's feet in a non- weight bearing position can give you a good indication of how their body is positioned when they actually stand up. This individual exhibits the classic pattern as described by Postural Restoration Institute. The white line is "the ground". Her right foot is supinated (bottom of foot turned in) and her weight will be felt on the outside border of her right foot. Her left foot is pronated (bottom of foot turned out) and her weight will be felt at her left arch. Her center of mass is shifted over to the right. She even has the phantom "shorter left leg". And remember, she is displaying this right biased postural distortion in a resting position. One would expect everything to be relatively equal at rest since your muscles are relaxed. Think about when she (and anyone reading this because you are all probably doing this to one degree or another) has to stand up and walk, run, jump, breathe, sit (the worst), dance, work. All this unbalanced right sided over- activity results in an overworked, over-tensed, over-restricted, over-pressurized, over-grounded right side. The complete opposite is occurring on the left: it's under-tensed, under-pressurized, under-grounded. So much of our bodily pain results from this unrecognized pattern of right sided overuse!!! I dealt with the consequences of this pattern for a miserable 21 years! You can't stretch, massage, or manipulate your way out of this neuromuscular right sided habit. You have to "re-learn" how to use the left side of your body appropriately while getting your right side to relax and stop being so controlling. #posturalrestoration

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